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NEW Knife Sheaths. High Noon Unlimited is now offering Knife Sheaths for those of you who have waited long enough. Just as advanced as our leather holsters, Kydex holsters and Hybrid holsters, we now offer Knife Sheaths.

Similar to how we offer our Kydex and Hybrids holsters with a Lite Duty, Medium Duty, and Extreme Duty, our Knife Sheaths are similar to customers having the ability to choose from the lighter .06 Kydex to the sturdier .08 Kydex. From the popular Black, OD Green, and Coyote Brown, you can choose from a variety of other colors as well as designs such as Kryptek and Hexcam as well as Carbon Fiber.

We have researched the most popular fixed blade knives on the market so we are kicking off the support of these knives:

Benchmade Nimravus
Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade
Cold Steel SRK
Gerber StrongArm
Gerber Ghostrike Fixed blade Deluxe Knife
Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife
Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Companion
Morakniv Robust Knife
SOG SEAL Pup Elite Knife
SOG Super Bowie Fixed Blade Knife
Tops Mini Hoffman Harpoon Knife

Know of other popular knives? Is your knife the exact same size as one of these knives we support? Call us (727-939-2701) or email us at We might be able to help you find that perfect sheath!